Welcome to my blog. I am building on an article about TRE™ and Focusing that can be found on my website under articles. In that article I explore how the practice of TRE ™ and Focusing influence and support each other. The article emerged out of integrating the Tension Releasing Exercises into my life and reflecting on the process in my journaling. In the TRE™ organization we recommend that TRE™ can be added to an existing professional practice such as energy work, massage, movement, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, Trager or yoga. Before we integrate the exercises into our professional lives we begin by integrating them into our everyday personal lives. We explore what effect the exercises have on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. We explore this by doing the exercises regularly and reflecting in our journaling what we notice.


This process also helps us learn to self-regulate. Thus we learn how the rhythm of doing the exercises evokes a relaxation response without being too much at once. We develop a sense of curiosity about what the changes are that we experience. And over time we learn to be in presence –noticing what changes are emerging. Gradually we discover how to adapt a rhythm of exercises to the flow of our lives. All of the above is a part of the certification process for those of us who wish to do TRE professionally.


Part of the rationale for requiring this exploration is that we need to work from our own bodily sense of doing the exercises in order to be able to guide others. Since this is a body oriented practice we need to be guided from our own bodies first and foremost.


While on the outside this is a process of certification, for me on the inside it is really like a journey- a journey of embodiment, or relaxing more fully into my full potential. I would love to have others join me on this journey.

 Whether you would like to learn and/or teach TRE, please consider joining us for Stress Navigation /TRE Level I workshop with Chris Balsley on May 11-13, 2013.  See the listing on my home page and download the flyer.


About Judy Archer MASc

Judy is a TRE Provider (Tension Releasing Exercises).She is a visual artist, and Family Historian .She has been teaching introductory TRE workshops in Toronto and around Ontario since 2012 . Her background in body-centered therapies: Trager ™ Movement Re-education, Therapeutic Touch, Continuum Movement, Tai Chi and Bioenergetics and Mindfulness Meditation. She teaches TRE via Zoom video conferencing sessions. Her 30 plus years of work experience includes personal growth facilitation, and visual arts. She holds a MASc in Counselling & Human Relations from the University of Waterloo (1975).
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4 Responses to treandfocusiing

  1. Jude Driscoll says:

    Great work Judy! I have a friend in Ottawa who may want to attend. Great to have more IN Canada TRE folks! Jude from PEI

  2. Chris Balsley says:

    Very nice. Does this comment reach you?

    Chris Balsley “Helping people become who they know they must” (303)250-3262

  3. wwiqlquozx says:

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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