Making a stand

Making a Stand JudyArcher lg.-8256 copyFocusing, TRE, and making Assemblages (Dec 2013)

Recently my art teacher asked me how I get my ideas. The answer lies partly with my practices of Focusing and TRE. My ongoing objective in my artwork is personal integration and self- realization. Also in my regular practice of Focusing and TRE I am always applying those skills to generating ideas for my artwork. My practices are so ingrained and a part of me that it feels like play to access them.

In my Focusing I am going inside my core area, grounding my feet, legs arms and hands and sensing for what needs my attention. This is something that I can do any time, so when I am wondering about a theme or an idea I start sensing more about it. That might come as a feel of how it is- in words or descriptions. As I explore how it feels, more descriptions or possibilities emerge. I might engage with this process several times in relation to a possibility and it could emerge into one or more projects- either a sculpture, assemblage or a painting or a feeling I want to capture in a piece of work. Sometimes I experience only a fragment and as I start creating something, the work itself evolves.

TRE™ Tension Releasing Exercises make a contribution as I shake out tension regularly, experience feeling more grounded and am thus more able to sense what feels right. The more I practice doing that, the more easily I am able to check in and sense on an ongoing basis. The more I practice, the more my skills can be brought to bear in relation to any area of my work or life. Often I wake up with an idea of how to use a found object when the day before I have been wondering –What can I make of that object that I collected or found.

In my last art show (2004) I had shown assemblages, so people started donating objects to my effort. I had a sense of wanting something to portray making a stand for my art and life. I had 3 wheelbarrows that had been given to me. I started to play with how the three might stand up on their handles and form a huddle. In collaboration with my builder we put them together with bolts and made sure they were solid enough to stand together as a triad. With a few more adjustments- a 2×4 at shoulder height and two 1×2’s vertical from there, a piece of doweling across the top forms the support to hold a 12 inch metal wheel and lo and behold we have the piece “Making a Stand”.

About Judy Archer MASc

Judy is a TRE Provider (Tension Releasing Exercises).She is a visual artist, and Family Historian .She has been teaching introductory TRE workshops in Toronto and around Ontario since 2012 . Her background in body-centered therapies: Trager ™ Movement Re-education, Therapeutic Touch, Continuum Movement, Tai Chi and Bioenergetics and Mindfulness Meditation. She teaches TRE via Zoom video conferencing sessions. Her 30 plus years of work experience includes personal growth facilitation, and visual arts. She holds a MASc in Counselling & Human Relations from the University of Waterloo (1975).
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